Saturday, 15 March 2014

How 3D printing can disrupt the building industry

 Imagine the end of slums... The end of multi-year construction projects... Imagine radically different costing approaches, and construction projects being completed for substantially cheaper, and much much faster than currently possible.... Imagine how cheaper infrastructure can vastly improve the lives of many. The enormous impact on public budgets if savings can be realised...

3D printing has the potential to completely disrupt a number of industries. To date most of the attention seems to have gone to the potential impact on the manufacturing industry. Various models of affordable entry-level 3D- printers are now available that can print all kinds of interesting items in the comfort of your own house. The technology is perhaps not quite there yet to e.g. print your own stylish clothes, bit I am sure somewhere somebody is working on just that already.

Now new developments in technology, and importantly new applications, and the potential impact of these on the building industry is now also starting to draw attention. Read the Popular Mechanics article here

Source: TED Talks

If you own a construction company, its maybe time to start paying attention, that is if its not too late for you already