Monday, 30 December 2013

What is a Mega Project (Mega Capital Projects) ?

Mega projects are typically huge and complex projects, by virtue of size (in the US a mega project is above $ 1 billion, but in other areas of a world, complex projects with smaller budgets may also be considered mega).

As a Management Consultant, I have been fortunate to be involved in a couple of very large capital projects (programmes) - mega projects by local standards.  I hope I will soon again be involved in something exciting of this nature

Because they are so enormous, they are complex, and affect the lives of many, and impacts on much. That's why I like working on them - really flexes your brain a bit. Specifically if you sit somewhere from where you have a bird's eye view. There is a lot to consider and keep in mind because there are so many touch points.

I have decided to do a bit of research on capital and mega-projects in Africa. Hope to post updates from time as I discover new projects.

You can read about the first batch of mega projects here Capital projects: African future cities

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